Thursday, October 5, 2006

Didn't play much

But still haven't gotten down to where I'm not playing at all on given days.

Got on my hunter and dinged 46 while working toward the tribal leatherworking quest - you get quests to make several different pieces (Wish I had known ahead of time and set aside some of the things I had made earlier!) in order to get to talk to the npc that gives you the tribal LW quest. In the meantime, I got a bunch of xp for those quests and little extra grinding on the wolves in the area is all it took. I didn't even really want to do the last few bars, but I was like what the heck.

I'd really like to get to the point where I don't push myself to do anything in this game I don't look forward to doing.

The whole "this is a game not work" thing...


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