Friday, October 13, 2006

Looking into the mirror

The friend of mine, who I mentioned when I first started this blog, recently said his parents talked to him about the amount of time he plays WoW.

Normally, they wouldn't have a clue - but due to a turn of events he ended up living back under their roof. And under their prying eyes as a result.

My friend recently got a job. So far his schedule hasn't stopped him from playing the game. And I thought everything was going okay with it, but out of the blue he says he hates the job.

He has a job he hates keeping him from playing the game that he loves. I wouldn't be surprised if he quits the job just so he can play the game more.

How do I know this? Because I can see it in myself.

I don't know how many times I've been disappointed to see players achieve what I could if only I had more time to play. How many times I've been disappointed that I had to log and get some sleep.

But in the Azeroth, many players are either young and have nothing but school to worry about, or they are housewives with nothing but home to worry about, or they are disabled with nothing but their computer or they are retired. In other words, people with tons of free time. People with real life commitments - namely work and children, should not try to compete or keep up with these people who have nothing to worry about but Tuesday outages.

That said, I find myself doing so and I spend way more time than I should in this game. I continue to try to cut back, but I keep coming back. I see the addiction in him because I see the addiction in myself.


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