Friday, October 6, 2006

Life in Oblivion

After doing the 5-man I remembered I needed to pick some herbs for mana pots (groan!) I really didn't want to do and sticking to my "I will not treat this game like a job" I logged off.

I decided to try a little more of Oblivion - I didn't take the time to figure out how to save, so the last time I played I ended back doing a some of the same stuff over and over again. Finally I figured it out and was saving like crazy - I need to find out if there is an autosave...

Well the graphics are just INCREDIBLE and I haven't even made it from underground. Sad thing is I'm already having that feeling of "kill ten rats" - "kill a few mobs" - "kill a boss". Yeah rpg deja vu.

Its not that its a bad thing, and the less enamored I am with the game the less likely I'll spend every waking moment playing it - but I kinda miss that pull that WoW first gave me. Probably that same feeling players had when they first played Everquest (I didn't even know it existed until most players had quit - I tried out EQ2, but by then had started playing WoW). I guess from here on out, everything will just be an imitation.


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