Friday, October 6, 2006


I was on my hunter (working on my leatherworking as usual) when someone in the guild said their Baron run was falling apart and they needed dps. Of course I couldn't help them in that regard, but a few minutes later their healer dropped too and I offered my services, they had worked all the way to the barrister so I figured what the hay.

Well, it wasn't a few minutes in that I died! I forgot how different healing in 40-mans is different than 5-mans. Huge chance for me to draw all kinds of aggro and not have a bunch of others standing in front of me to pick it up.

I shook it off and reminded myself I actually have to do things in a 5-man (gasp!) and as usual I had more fun. Being "uber" geared helped of course, my mana was not really an issue, except when the 60 pally tank went down and we were at the point where the mobs keep coming at you - so I had to try to rez fast and drink, before we were back in combat. It was furious fun, I actually holy nova'd some mobs after the mage went down. And helped wand Rammstein final hp away! Did I mention we had sub 60s in the party? They were getting hit hard!

Looking back I was impressed with how well we did. While you should never underestimate how kick-ass pallies are in undead instances - I still wasn't sure we'd get past those 5 skeletons right before the Baron. Once we did amazingly I still had doubts about the Baron himself. But we downed him with no deaths.

I'm thinking I should do more 5-mans again. With the gear I have now they really are fun (no more oom distress) and a nice alternative to farming - I got a few runecloth, coin and was able to DE some stuff - and I wasn't even there for the majority of the run.

Maybe I can do some more 5-mans this weekend...we shall see.


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