Sunday, October 8, 2006

The Support Class

I'm getting tired of it.

Playing a thankless role is okay when just the act of doing it is enough. But once that enjoyment is gone, all that is left is the feeling that you're doing something for someone who could care less that you're doing it.

So couple the fact the person you are supporting could care less and the fact that you yourself could care less makes a light bulb appear over your head - "Why am I doing this?"


Cap'n John said...

I think most people notice when their health is getting low, or maybe hardcore Raiders don't worry about their health because it's the healer's job to watch their health. Anyway, I for one notice when my health is running very low and the Priest gets off a timely heal, and more often than not I'll thank them. Yeah, you're just doing your job, but I appreciate you doing your job and I like to let you know that.

I'm probably the exception though :(

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