Friday, October 20, 2006

Why the rush?

One of my raid leaders is in beta and almost each day he reports back on instances he's done. He tells us how we should hurry and get to them.

I'm not sure how long he was in alpha but it puzzles me why he is going so fast through the content. He's max level for beta (65? 67?) and it sounds like he's already done it all.

Some players live for end-game. The content that exists before you hit 60 (and now 70) is just something to plow through. Maybe my raid leader is like that, I didn't know him before I started raiding with him.

But looking back on things, although I've been doing nothing but raiding for most of this year, the majority of my fun was leveling up the very first time. Raid kills are definitely memorable, but to have a choice between raiding or doing something new? I'd have to leave raiding behind. I don't want to rush through the fun stuff just to start raiding again.

I've played around a bit in the starter areas of beta - I picked a paladin because I know for a fact I will never (ever) level another healing class in the live environment. Any time I put in on the paladin won't really feel like a waste, because she will be easily disposable when beta ends.

But when I get a chance to play my level 60 priest in beta (I've been waiting for a friend to join me) I don' t really want to rush through all the content. I've been longing for new things to do, I don't want to use that all up in a matter of weeks.


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