Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Guild goodbyes

The majority, maybe all, of the people who have left the guild I'm in did not do so on good terms. And mostly all revolve around loot and raid slotting.

Now before I go further, the initial goal of the guild has been long forgotten (RP) and was non-existent when I joined. I joined specifically to raid, and most people that join the guild now are doing so to raid. Or because their friends are raiding and they want to raid with them. So if anyone leaves because of raid issues that really isn't dropping a bombshell.

One left because he wanted to lead. But he had no position in the guild and as a result was always butting heads with one of the officers. He left for a guild further in raid progression than we are. He links what loot he's gotten and sometimes informs me of progress. I guess he's happy.

A few others left because of loot. I didn't know at the time but apparently they disliked some of the healers rolling on dps loot. They quickly found new homes, actually they found homes before they gquit. Our current raid leader has said if you want to join another guild, leave ours first. But really no one wants to be left guildless, even if the guild isn't exactly what they want at the time.

One, who recently posted on the guild forums that they would forever be loyal to the guild, left in a huff because more of his class was being recruited (meaning less raid slots). He had rerolled from a warrior to a rogue, in a nicely kept-from-the-guild stink about not being allowed a chance at some legendary loot. He sadly found out that most top end guilds don't have room for another rogue (priest? that's a different story but if you've read much of my blog you know why). He actually humbly asked for a spot back in our guild but was voted down by the officers. I was really surprised about that. He recently found home in another guild on their warrior. So after all that they still didn't get to play the class they wanted to.

Then others have left because, to tell the truth our guild officers do rule with a type of monarchy. I don't necessarily agree with it, but I realize the burden that officers bear and I would never want to be that donkey! My choice was to let them do what they wanted, since it really never affects me - although I think one day it will. The players that left couldn't put up with not having a voice or being blacklisted when they used that voice.

But the most recent gquit and the reason for this post was the saddest because it was a player who really never tried to rock the boat much. He hardly ever piped up about loot. And all he wanted to do was raid. He was always prepared and on time. However he was never at the top of the dps chart and perhaps lacked the best "skill" at pulling. They added positions that allowed you to automatically get slots for raids and he felt (since it was kinda his idea) that he would get one. When they didn't choose him, he felt that was a sign for him to leave. He openly posted he was looking for a nother guild and the officers said he could stay until he found one. He found one rather quickly that had old friends of his. I'm so happy he found it. But it was still sad to say goodbye.


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