Tuesday, October 31, 2006

For the good of the guild

Letting a priest get a +dmg belt, letting a druid get a +agility chest, letting a paladin get a dps weapon. Things like this have caused guilds to say it slows raid progress.

But I argue how often have you not been able to start a raid on time because a warlock doesn't have +15 more damage? Or a rogue doesn't have and extra point of crit chance? Or a warrior doesn't have, yet another, shiny 2 hander?

Now ask yourself how often have your raids been delayed due to not having enough healers available?

In this same vein, a paladin offers here why it isn't beneficial to restrict loot by class:


Anonymous said...

Very true. There was a good post in the WoW forums in this vein:

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

Thanks for sharing that, I see posts like this often.

For the top guilds in the world, sure I guess I can see min-maxing every single stat available to you. If you want to be the first guild to down Kel'Thuzad, perhaps loot and spec restrictions are best enforced. More than likely they don't have to enforce anything because everyone is on the same page as far as what they are willing to sacrifice to be #1.

But I'm talking about your average raid guild (if there is such a animal), where I hope they are there for fun as well as progression.

Of course you'll have very happy "pure" dpsers if they never have to compete with anyone for dps loot drops. But you'll have some unhappy support raidmates (whether tanks, buffers or healers) who feel put upon.

I'm one of those who is in-between. I don't necessarily feel comfortable rolling against mages and warlocks for some of the best damage items when they first come available to us. But after we've been running an instance for several months, and the loot is standard fare, yes I'll roll on it.

Also remember, I'm a healing raid priest. Had I been a dps raid priest I feel I should have the opportunity to bid on damage pieces the first time they drop, just like a mage or a warlock would.

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