Monday, October 19, 2009

Amazing Aion?

Go read about Keen's Amazing Aion experience and let me know if you think he really is enjoying Aion.

I'll wait.

Okay no I won't, after reading it I'm thinking the title shouldn't include the adjective Amazing. Comments have their meanings changed when they are taken out of context, would you think Keen is enjoying himself if you read this:

**Levels 22-25 aka “Hell levels”

**I won’t lie to you… these really were hell levels. Exp seemed to crawl and there weren’t enough quests available to me. I was dragging my feet and resisting something I had done for years: Grind.

**A switch needed to be thrown in my head to accept this form of grinding as nothing different, even though it felt different.

**Between the Morheim Ice Fort and the winding path that leads to the Fungus stuff there are tons of soft mobs — kill them ALL and don’t watch the exp bar.

**However, I do not find it to be as amazing as most people were saying.

**Okay, so this place is great exp but is it fun? There’s nothing really amazing to look at here and the content is rather straight forward: Pull, tank, spank.

**I was really getting tired of the drab looking spriggin area with washed out gray colors in the area after the boring snow.

**Grinding is still prevalent at this level and I find that I end up killing stupid amounts of mobs to get the quest drop and work my way to mobs that I need (lots of wading through aggro mobs)

**I never reached the point of not liking the game, but I did become indifferent to it for a few days as I was struggling to find time to invest into the 18-23 span.

**Yeah, it’s a themepark-like “end-game” mentality oriented goal but it’s a goal nonetheless and it’s something I really needed in Aion.

**For anyone struggling out there to feel Aion’s soul, to feel what this game has to offer and what it’s all about, reach level 25. I know, I know, you shouldn’t have to play a game to level 25 to feel this and I’m not going to justify it at all (trust me, in hindsight I didn’t like 1-23 either) but it changes for the better.

As someone commented to Keen "...even with you now framing your Aion experience in a positive light, it sounds pretty dire to me."

First off he describes “Hell levels” and he agreed they were!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

XP is actually extremely easy to's the lack of content that makes the grind boring. I don't get why people complain about the grind - it's basically easy mode for a seasoned MMO player - but the grind for good equipment, and money, as well as boring zones, is what makes this game a trial to play.

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