Friday, October 30, 2009

A fun evening

Last night I had fun raiding in WoW and it felt exceptional. Why?

I realized, once again, I need to keep my raiding/grouping minimal. A few weeks earlier RL freed up some time for me and I jumped in headfirst into every raid I could find that would take me. But it didn't take long before becoming irritated by mistakes and delays in general. I found myself tapping my foot for the pulls and logging off immediately after the raid was over like I'd been freed from the Stockades.

Sure I'm able to get lots of emblems and potential upgrades this way, but it was at risk of enjoying myself. This week, I logged on if I felt like it, not because I needed to get X emblems per day.

(It was a little disconcerting how quickly I fell in to playing too much just because I had the extra time to do so. I'm glad my body sent emotional cues that reminded me why that wasn't a good pattern to drop back into.)

So instead of it being my 2nd or 3rd raid of the week, last night was 1st and I was eager to do so because I hadn't just gotten out of one the night before. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

It was a 10-man raid. Our group was not optimal. It wasn't optimal by class choice (we started out with 2 of the same 4 classes), we didn't have any of our main or off tanks in our raid, and one of our healers is still learning the ropes. And our normal raid leaders weren't there.

It ended up being a fun time. Instead of having the same person tell us all what to do, it was more of a group effort. We had to figure out ways to do certain things because we didn't have the normal X to do Y. Also everyone in the group seemed to be okay with wiping a few times until we got our strategies figured out.

I think this is what is fun about achievements and hard modes. They make you approach things differently and this spices up raiding the same ol' content a bit.


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