Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Once Bitten, Twice Shy?

Have I finally learned my lesson with new MMOs? I haven't played Aion in weeks and I can't even bring myself to log on Champions Online even when I have friends to play with there.

Tobold directed me to a review of Alganon, so much a wow clone it copied WoW's key ring button ui even though it hasn't implemented any functionality for it. (So glad this game appears to really suck. Whew, no more confusing Alganon the game with Algalon the WoW raid. j/k

WoW clones think WoW is a tv, and that gamers are homeowners. They think, rightly so, homeowners like tvs, and even though you have one in your living room, you'll probably want to put one in the basement and in your bedroom too.

But WoW is more like a microwave. It's not an oven, but it fulfills my needs somewhat and I don't need a second microwave. And being a microwave, there really isn't much you can improve on that would make me want to buy a new one. At least that is what I'm discovering.

I thought about how I play WoW now. On my new horde character I spend 95% of my time in battlegrounds. On my older alliance character I spend 90% of my time in raids. I don't spend a lot of time killing 10 rats anymore. So I shouldn't be surprised that I'm not enjoying what WoW clones offer in the beginning, killing 10 rodents or 10 mice, because I guess I'm finally tired of it. When I saw the screen shot of Alganon showing the player killing, instead of rats, grass skitterers, and the quest over to the side marked as "The Skitter Threat" I grew ill.

Okay sure it's not that serious, but why make anymore games like that? I'm not a WoW basher, but I find myself agreeing with Syncaine. I only have myself to blame.


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