Friday, October 2, 2009

Endgame betas

Is it just me or does it seem odd no one seems to mind that they never get to beta test the endgame of their MMOs. (I say never, what do I know?)

We beta test levels 1-10, or whoo 20! We make our predictions, we decide to buy or pass based on the short time we've beta'd. And then are angry when, let's not even mention getting to endgame, level 21 sucks.

I guess testing things on PTRs count but that's after we've purchased the game.

An MMO lasts on average what 6 mos to 7 years (I made that up) and yet we're okay to beta a month or so of that time (or follow the reviews of someone who did) and make final decisions on something.

I guess Age of Conan is the best example, how in the world did Tortage turn out so well (so I've heard), yet no one mentioned the fun ended there?

Maybe everyone is like me after all, only expecting to have a month or so of fun, until they go back to whatever they were doing before the new game was released.


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