Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking in the wrong places

After seeing Hardcore Casual post about Aion, I'm wondering how I missed that part about it being a grind when I was surfing around reading comments.

Perhaps if someone had said Aion is like Lineage II or FFXI (games I haven't played but are known for their grinding) I would have been warned, but I didn't read anything like that anywhere.

I've yet had the desire to fire the game up again, because the last time I played it felt grindy to me and I hadn't even got out of the teens.

I read several people saying they didn't like it, but the comments from those that did like it swayed me. Not to mention I really did want to try it for myself.

I guess instead of reading beta reviews, I should wait a month after release and read those reviews instead to get a better opinion of what a game is like.


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