Friday, October 16, 2009

Why don't we all have 214,748 gold?

The other day I started pining for a chopper. I suddenly realized how gold poor I am when I think about purchasing the mats necessary to get my motor running.

Greedy Goblin says there are easy ways to make tons of gold. I realized something else. I don't believe him.

If I believed him I'd be doing it. What is stopping me from at least trying one of his or any other savvy player suggestions?

My usual response is I don't think I'd have fun playing the market to the lengths necessary to turn a profit. But I also I have this odd feeling I'd do something stupid and lose my gold and probably end up as one of GG's morons of the week. Have you heard of old people who hid money in their mattress because its "safe"? Yeah, I think in a past life I lived through the Great Depression because I can relate*. I'm risk averse.

Either I take the plunge and try one of their suggestions, or continue to put around on my boring mount.

*This doesn't even have to date back to the depression, recently, June 2009 and Israeli woman threw out a mattress only to find her mother had stowed away her life savings of $1mil in it!


What's my main Again? said...

I'm perpetually in a state of being poor. Sure I get enough to get everything enchanted and gemmed.... but any time I get anywhere near 2 or 3k gold I look at who I can dual spec or dump money on.... that list is starting to thin out so I guess the next step is epic flying for all?

I don't find playing the AH fun for anymore then 2 or 3 days. I have a ton of professions that I rarely will use the CD's for because I'm too lazy to cycle through all my toons.

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