Monday, October 5, 2009

Pugs Revisited

Speaking of going solo, and I was in my previous post. I wandered into that dark, scary forest of pugs over the weekend. Given what low expectations I have, they went exceedingly well.

My irritations, as I commented over at Big Bear Butt's blog, didn't come up as much. Though we still had a delay for getting everyone to Heroic Violet Hold (yes the one right smack dab in the middle of Dalaran).

Everyone is trying to get emblems, so finding a group hasn't been very hard. The old instances have been out for a while, and the new ToC one is weirdly short and easy. ToC is truly a gimme instance. So far I've done one boss without a weapon (lance equip ftw), a run with the odd make up of only rogues and death knights (who needs buffs?), One with someone who just hit 80 a few hours beforehand (they couldn't outdps the tank). Easy gear and emblems, no complaints.

But this is coming from someone who hardly ever does heroics. How fun is it to do day after day? I'm not going to try to find out.


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