Friday, October 16, 2009


It became evident to me last evening, that our guild will never progress very far if we continue to accept other guilds' alts as main raiders.

There are some skilled players who can switch characters on a dime and perform well. We don't usually get these players.

These players show up on their alt death knight or hunter, because everyone has a dk or hunter alt.

They aren't gemmed and enchanted the best because they "save that gold for their main".

Instead we get players searching through their spellbook looking for spells and asking who to use what spell on (this actually happened in a heroic, needless to say we wiped a few times and called it a night).

My plan is to figure out what it is I want on my own main and then take another break from raiding again. I shouldn't feel like I'm running 80s through Stockades.


What's my main Again? said...

You know... I have 7 80's and not one of them is a DK... I'm kinda proud of that :P

What is worse is when they barely play their mains to an average level... and the alts are 10 times worse.

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