Saturday, September 16, 2006

2 nights done

Well I decided to go ahead and sign up for an AQ20 in between my 2 scheduled raids - it went very well.

I was a bit tired at the MC raid tonight. But I figure it is really my only time to raid and get some dkp.

Suprisingly, the officers decided to make MC FFA after the night was over.

With that decision, they really made MC less appealing.

It is a instance we've been doing every week since February (for me, longer for others). So its a bit mind-numbing. The saving grace was that I spent time dpsing during most of the raid - even then I got a bored.

After learning it, the main draw was loot to look forward too, that actual fun ceased for me back in May, when we started doing BWL heavily.

Then there was dkp. If you earn dkp in MC you can use it elsewhere. Since I decided to only raid on weekends, and MC falls on the weekend - that was only one of two nights I was able to earn any.

And lastly it was to raid with the guild. Which still is fun to do.

Unfortunately, while the one reason is a good one, 1 out of 4 reasons isn't enough to keep me raiding MC.

I hope they decide to raid some nights of BWL, AQ40 and Naxxramas on the weekends instead.

Once again, I'll hope - but if they don't, I'm working on it not being a big deal anyway. :D


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