Tuesday, September 19, 2006

When WoW is Fun

My previous entry was kind of a downer (directly related to me not feeling well). But I wanted to share my Sunday - which I think explains why I continue to play WoW.

I decided to twink a rogue a while back, I'm not pursuing it with much fervor. It is just something that seems fun to do. The actually twinking seems more fun than playing with the twink. But I've yet to prove it for sure.

Well there is twink belt you can make with leatherworking. And I have been leveling up my LW on my hunter.

Being able to quest on your own is a HUGE draw in WoW. By now many people have done most of the quests in the game - either Alliance side or Horde side. But this quest is in a "horde" instance, and as a result I'd never done it. I have a 40ish hunter and this instance is only 20ish. So I was able to find it (in the Barrens) and do it by myself. I used thottbot - it could have been even more fun - or more annoying - if I hadn't. After reading thott, I imagine it would have been more annoying than anything to figure out. I won't spoil it here - but it turned out to be fun to do.

The materials I needed dropped in the instance, the reward was the pattern. I tried to stay a while and gather more mats, but they have a low drop rate. I bought the rest on AH, made the belt and mailed it off to my rogue.

I can't describe why it was so much fun, but it just was. It was an instance I hadn't been to before - although I had traveled around that area dozens of times. I had fun trying to figure out what needed to be done - even with thottbot - you still had to figure out a bit. And the result was something I could actually make AND use. The entire time was "productive", as productive as a game can be.

Later, my friend gave me a recipe I had wanted for a while.

And he helped get me into a raid too! The raid was fun - in no small part due to the fact I don't raid as much. I got to be a part of the second kill of a boss in Naxxramas. I also left early just like I wanted.

Stuff like that makes WoW fun. It didn't feel like a job. I honestly wish I could explain better - you'll just have to take my word on it.


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