Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Grinding bear asses

There is a saying that mmorpgs boil down to finding a bunch of bear asses. Well I don't know the exact saying, but anything with bear ass in it is funny.

While I was hunting wolves for xp and leather, for a split second I thought to myself - why am I doing this? "To skill up your leatherworking like you said you wanted to do!" was my reply. Nevermind the fact I'm carrying on this conversation with myself is a cause for concern. But I still hadn't answered the real question. "Why am I doing this?"

Everything you do in WoW is just to get you to the point to do something else. That is the draw of MMORPGS I guess, you can accomplish something - get that sense of satisfaction, and then find something new to accomplish. I actually see other people accomplishing things in the game and that pushes me to do more - but once again I ask, "Why am I doing this?" Maybe I never asked myself that question before, but for the brief second I did this time, and I didn't have an answer. And not being able to answer made me uncomfortable...


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