Friday, September 22, 2006

Priests and alts

It should be no surprise that the classes that tend to reroll are healing classes.

A while back I took stock of the state of our priests in my guild. To be honest there only seems to be 1 priest who has raided extensively and still enjoys it. 2 other priest seem to still be dazzled by the sparklies (epics). And that does seem to go along way in making raiding enjoyable. But I'd like to see how they are in a few months.

If you've read my blog you know my opinion is that getting epics eventually loses its luster and not getting them just makes you bitter - if you raid alot.

So we have about 3 priests raid consistently and seem to enjoy the schedule, the rest of us come less frequently. Out of the "rest" 2 of us raid on our priests exclusively.

The others, which is the point of this post, have mains they'd much rather raid on.

While we are very fortunate to have them fill in as priests when we need them - this usually occurs more than they are willing to admit is comfortable.

Some eventually comment on it. But most people who play healing priests either on as a main or an alt don't want to cause trouble, and genuinely want to help - so they eventually stop signing up their priests in hopes their dps character will be chosen instead. With emphasis on the fact their dps character is there "main".

Soon, since these players don't want to bring their own priests you hear "I have a priest friend who would love to come raid!" Problem is, these priests are usually newbs (and I'm not saying that negatively) with green gear. So you're not getting a replacement for their priest we've helped gear up who has experience in the instances - not exactly an equal trade. Either way, these players don't care - they just want to get to play their dps class by any means necessary. (Why they pull their friends into a situation they themselves are trying to get out of? I don't know.)

Once again, they will usually come often, enamored with the numerous drops, until eventually it gets boring and out pops a level 60 mage they've transferred from another server - or a suddenly they've leveled a lock to 60.

These are just my observations and numerous opinions. :)

Oh by the way, the 1 player I said seems to thoroughly enjoy his priest? He recently started bringing his mage to our instances that are on farm.


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