Friday, September 29, 2006

Blaming the Healers

There is a certain rogue in our guild who has the tendency to whine. We all have our own quirks - I tend to be very emo myself...

Unfortunately, he is vocal about the lack of healing he gets more than any other person during our raids. To be fair, he whines about everything, so I should't take it personal - I really should just put him on mute.

Recently, someone posted one of those performance meters (I'll rant about that some other day.) After checking out my own performance and others, eventually I came across his stats. To my surprise, out of all the rogues he healed himself the least. Actually I guess that shouldn't have been surprising at all should it?

I know I am there as support, but if you aren't willing to look after yourself some period of the time, you are asking for deaths that could have been prevented by your own hands.


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