Monday, September 25, 2006

Another weekend of raiding

After not raiding during the week, I was eager to raid again this weekend. I signed up Fri, Sat and Sun and fortunately got slotted for all 3: AQ40, Naxx and MC.

We did AQ40 up to the trash before the twin emps. We seem to have gotten pretty decent at Skeram, Sartura, bumpy on the Trio, Fankriss and Huhuran. It was a stress-free run.

I won some awesome dmg shoulders - and class specific ones at that - so no shifty eyes from the mages and warlocks!

Our agenda in Naxx was to finish our Echoes of War quest that allows us access to T3 pieces. We did that and downed Instructor Raz. Another stress-free run, surprisingly considering it was Naxx!!!

I've wanted to finish (well basically start) getting my prophecy set. I only have 4 pieces. 3, count em, 3 pieces dropped that I needed and I lost every roll. Thus ushering in the age of FFA MC.

I lost one piece to a paladin's alt. I lost another piece to a guest (who initially said she was only there for the Eye of Divinity). I forgot who I lost the other piece to, I hope it was at least someone who plays a priest as their main.

But finally the randomness fell in my favor and although I didn't win any of the priest pieces I was there for, I did come away with a very nice damage piece.

When I wasn't raiding, I played my hunter alt - I farmed enough leather materials to get her leatherworking up to 250 which was a mini-goal. I've decided to take up tribal leatherworking so that I can hunt devilsaurs and make devilsaur gear!

All in all a nice weekend for me. But I think playing my alt AND raiding was a bit much.

Taking breaks from raiding during the week has become a good idea methinks. :)


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