Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I'm slowly weaning myself off of raiding. The first day was imposed on me, and the last 2 days have been by my own choice. So far I've missed a raid that would have won me some loot I've been waiting months for, the other I missed a first hasn't been easy and a bit disappointing.

But the bright side is I feel good about the decision overall. That amount of raiding was starting to make me feel I'm missing out. I guess I just want to add a bit more to my life, than just this particular game.

It is interesting to hear some of my guildmates mention that being away from raiding has refreshed them, energized them. Yet they have plans to return. I wonder will they come back to the same grinding schedule?

I have been logging off when I say I will, and I've been getting to sleep ALOT earlier than in the past. While I haven't felt a huge improvement, I think the extra rest will allow me to have a bit more energy during the day and I hope that will enable me to become more active - at that point I'm sure I'll start feeling a huge difference.

So yeah, I'm still playing, just not raiding.

Like I said I'm weaning myself. :)


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