Friday, September 15, 2006

Raiding night

It is back to raiding again. My first night after being off for a week. Taking off definitely allowed me to not be as bored. I got tired near the end, but I stayed alert for the most part.

The downside of not raiding much is you don't acquire much dkp to bid on anything. I bid on two things and lost , as well as randomed on one thing and lost.

Raiding will have to become fun on its on merit. And not because of the loot. While it is fun to have something to look forward to, the chances of me being able to get anything are slim now.

My whole point was not to get hung up on loot. If I'm not, it won't matter if I ever win a single piece again.

By the way, I've decided to 2 nights of raiding. 4 nights of non-raiding and 1 night off. Eventually I'll move to 2 nights off and so on.

I think this is going to work. I'm hopeful. :)


Cap'n John said...

The Guild I'm in was never a Raiding guild. Even when we got our numbers up to a level that we could hit ZG and MC we weren't a Raiding Guild. We were just a casual, leveling Guild.

One of my old in-game friends got into an Uber Raiding Guild and for want of numbers I got invited on one of their Onyxia runs. Not only did I get to see Onyxia (outside of SW) but I saw her defeated and I got my T2 Helm and Mature Dragon Sinew.

Later I paid this same Guild to let me in on an MC Run where I got my Tier 1 Gloves and the Petrified Leaf. I was just after the Leaf, the Gloves were gravy.

Epic Loot is good but it's not something I'm fixated on, although I did the grind for the Amulet of the Darkmoon. I also bought the 800g Epic Mount, not the AV one, the "regular" Epic. But then my Main is a Hunter and grinding/farming is what we're good at ;)

Sometimes the best loot is the stuff you can get yourself, like the Sprite Darter Hatchling.

Yane (Yet another night elf) said...

I have to admit I was fixated on epic loot for a while.

Now that I am fully epic'd out its easy to say "oh I don't really care about loot". I don't know if anyone would believe me. But I can truly say I'm not as thrilled as I used to be when something drops and I win it.

It used to be things would drop that would be really nice upgrades that made a difference in my playstyle. I could change the type of heals I was casting, I wouldn't have to bring extra mana pots to a raid....that hasn't happened in quite a while. Lately I bid on stuff because it would be nice to have it, not because wow that item would really up my game!

And I know what you mean about what makes loot the best. I haven't tried the quest to get the Sprite Darter, but I did do the quest for the prairie chicken in Westfall. You should seek it out someday!

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