Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One day at a time

If this sounds like an addiction, it is! While it may not be as destructive as alcohol, it is definitely something that skews life a bit.

Another night and I haven't raided, but I do have a friend that tells me how the raid is going. So its almost like I'm there, although I'm off soloing somewhere the entire time.

The great thing is something dropped that I could have used, but I honestly didn't care that much. And I have to tell you it really felt good!

I know my life hasn't suddenly turned around, but to hear my friend talk about getting drops has started to sound a bit foreign and puzzling to me.

Almost every piece of loot seems to be the thing you just HAVE to get. But then you get it, and it is not to long (usually the next raid, or even the next fight!) before there is something else you just HAVE to get.

Things like this translated into real life are what send people to the poor house (does anyone go to a poor house nowadays? was there really a poor house when this phrase was in vogue? was it ever in vogue? I'm sure the phrase in vogue is no longer in vogue...) ack! see what happens when you raid too much?

Okay that's not raidings fault. But it helps to have a demon to fight. Ack! Raiding has leaked into my metaphors!


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