Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visiting the World of Warcraft

I logged back on the other night to do the Wolvar/Oracle orphan pet quests. I wouldn't have even known about it if I hadn't been told personally.

I don't think the orphan quest was part of any type of meta. But I'm reminded of the hubbub over allowing players who missed doing the brewfest (and get the monthly brew quest which was a requirement for Long, Strange Trip achievement) a chance to get the 310% violet proto-drake at the end of the year long meta achievement.

I remember being annoyed that because I decided to take a break from the game I had screwed myself out of the running for one. Basically have to play the game an additional year because you'd have to drink a brew every month for a year. I thought what sucked was if I knew about it I probably would have took care of meeting the requirement. The hubbub was several players felt everyone should have known, based on reading forums, WoW insider and the like.

Since I haven't been playing WoW much I haven't been reading about WoW much either. I don't frequent the forums, check MMO champion or WoW insider like I used to. And I guess my question is, if I'm no longer a rabid WoW player does that mean I shouldn't get certain rewards anymore? It certainly feels like it.

My friend and I looked down the list of achievements, and I noticed some new Pirate Day (?) achievements had been added. I don't remember if they are part of the meta or not. But it is a one day event, and if you didn't know it and miss it you miss out. We both agreed it seems like WoW expects you to play the game all the time every day. Not only that you should be reading about it if you aren't playing it.

What is the saying "you should live and breath it". Maybe I'm coming out of a fog, because I know I was that type of player.

But I'm getting more and more offended by it lately. I don't want the feeling I'm being punished for treating this as an occasional hobby. But I'm the one who is changing, WoW is the same as it has ever been. I'm the one who is learning to adjust. So if next time, my friend isn't able to keep me abreast of WoW-goings-on, and I miss out on a new pet, or a new hat, or a new mount, it won't be that big of a deal. And to be honest, although I can't say for sure, since I actually did get a pet, I think I'm learning its okay to miss out on something in the World of Warcraft for a change.


Whats my main Again? said...

You don't have to go for the drake if you don't want too. Blizzard isn't forcing people to play for the full year. I think rewarding those that put in that kind of effort though is a good thing.

I understand where you are coming from but if you take that mentality a bit further... then what is the point in playing at all? You shouldn't have to put time and effort into Raiding... you should be able to walk in and the boss falls over and gives you loot. How bout everyone turns level 80 and instantly gets epic flying and every flying mount and pet in the game?

I'm glad though that they removed the brew requirement because it allows people to finish it who didn't know about it till after 3.0 was released.

I guess I'm not achievement oriented and really could careless about the mount... but I still think that it should be a reward... not just a gimme.

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